Guided tour

To benefit from a guided tour of the Parliament building of the Republic of Moldova, you are invited to schedule the visit at least three working days prior to the planned visit date.

Access the Regulation on the organization and conducting information visits to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

How does a guided tour take place?

The visitors come to the main entrance (on Ștefan cel Mare
Ave.) 5-7 minutes prior to the scheduled hour, to pass the security check. Persons aged over 18 years shall present a valid ID!


Visitors are welcomed by a guide in the lobby connected to the main access to the building, which has two levels. The guide accompanies the group of visitors along the route. In the cold period of the year the locker room (on the ground floor) can be used..

The Guided Tour starts at the mock-up of the Parliament, made at 1:50 scale (on the ground floor).


Next place is the Parliament Museum, where visitors can get acquainted with the history and activity of the Legislature, and watch informative video materials.



The building tour continues to a spacious hall, where the visitors learn about the MPs’ registration procedure to attend the plenary sittings.

A banner with visitors’ pictures can be seen in this hall, as well as the press corner, where the journalists work during the plenary sittings.


The final spot – the Plenary sitting hall – the largest and the most important hall in the Parliament building.


The entire tour lasts approximately one academic hour. During the visit, guests can use cameras, except for video cameras (prior permission from the Directorate on Media Relations is required for filming in the Parliament building).
Pictures made by the Parliament’s Secretariat staff during the visit and placed afterwards on Parliament’s page can be downloaded here.


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